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Benefits of Sanctioning a Tournament

Running a tournament can be very rewarding, but it is undoubtedly also a lot of work!!! One of the goals of the state and national organizations is to promote tournaments through sanctioning. Some of the benefits include supplemental event insurance, promotion through the state and national event calendars, and the new suite of software tools by to help with tournament organization and administration. These and the other many benefits of sanctioning are listed below. If you've gotten this far, hopefully you're thinking of running a tournament! For further information, contact the CNRA tournament coordinator .

Materials: 2014-2015 CNRA Sanctioning Agreement Form (PDF)

Features Benefits

Provided by USA Racquetball...
1) $5,000,000.00 umbrella insurance coverage. Coverage primary to club's
2) Racquetball magazines Give to new members
3) Rule books Available on USAR Website
4) Electronic membership data Used by TD/CNRA to set up tournament
5) Electronic label software Used by TD/CNRA to set up tournament
6) Tournament program software Used by TD/CNRA to set up tournament
7) National ranking system Promotion of event
8) Event listed on national web site Promotion of event
9) Event listed in Racquetball magazine Promotion of event

Provided by the state organization...
1) Event listed on CNRA website front page Promotion of event
2) Event listed in CNRA email blasts Promotion of event
3) Two cases of Ektelon balls Ease administration
4) Score cards are a part of the R2 system Ease cost
5) Draw sheets are a part of the R2 system Ease administration
7) Printed club labels as requested - CA, AZ, NV Ease administration
8) Check memberships electronically with USAR Non members and lapsed members may be signed up electronically
10)Scheduling exclusivity: no other CNRA sanctioned tournament will be held within 100 miles on that weekend and not within 50 miles for a period of 2 weeks before/after the event. Unsanctioned events that conflict with a sanctioned event will not be listed on the CNRA calendar. Promotion of event
11) Priority in scheduling the same weekend in following year Promotion of event

Provided by the R2 Computer program... (optional)
1) Determine seeds using national rankings Eliminates questioning TD
2) Set up draws separating by partners, clubs and cities Eliminates questioning TD
3) Schedule match times Eliminates conflicts
4) Schedule start times Ease administration
5) Score cards are a part of the R2 system Ease administration
6) Draw sheets are a part of the R2 system Ease administration
Additional Notes:
This total process will eliminate hours of your time, late nights etc.
Use of the R2 ranking system should also lessen the number of questions of "why" regarding seeds, draws, times etc.
This process should also, eventually, eliminate the need for a USA RB/CNRA check in desk.
The CNRA will work with each TD as to the way the tournament is to be set up.
Sanctioning Agreement indicates all deliverables between the Tournament Director & CNRA.
If requested, CNRA will “set-up” the event to be provided to the TD 2 days prior to the event.
Entry deadline must be 6 days before the tournament.
The TD must send entries to the CNRA every few days in order to be entered into the data bank.
Entries may be transmitted via email or fax.
The final entry transmission must be on 4 days prior to the event.
Any “at event” entries must be transmitted prior to the end of the event, membership must be verified on-site.
Seeds and draws will be discussed with the TD before being finalized.
Draws, schedule and starting times will be sent to the TD on Thursday via email or fax.
TD’s must submit finalized draws with first & last name within 3 days of event completion.