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Board of Directors

The CNRA is governed by a board of 9 directors. Each year 3 seats are open for election, with each appointment lasting for 3 years. Duties within the board are sorted out among the board members after the elections have been confirmed.
Terry Rogers
Hometown:Las Vegas (born in Buffalo, NY)
Family: My brother, sister, and 2 nephews and their families all still live in Buffalo. We all get tougher several times a year. Jack Hughes and I enjoy his family who reside in Las Vegas.
Racquetball Background: I began playing racquetball while in college in Buffalo and attended my first National tournament upon moving to San Francisco and I have never stopped playing and competing! While in SF we owned and operated a racquetball pro shop, taught lessons, and ran all of the racquetball activities at the club. I then became involved with the then CSRA which is now the CNRA as we support both California and Nevada. I am also on the board of the Women’s Senior Master Racquetball Association, the Military Racquetball Federation, and have also served as a USA Racquetball board member and continue to serve on several USA RB committees.
Racquetball Goals: I plan to continue playing as long as I can!!!! I would also love to continue working with all my current racquetball boards because we are making great strides with a number of initiatives which can only help the sport we know and love grow.
Dorcy Norton
Southern VP
Family: Divorced with 2 grown kids: my son (who plays racquetball too) and daughter-in law and grandson and my daughter
Racquetball Background: Started playing in the late 70s, loved the sport and started competing in tournaments in So. California-which were many back then! Worked part-time at a racquetball club, became racquetball director and ran leagues for 2 local clubs and many tourneys in the area. Also became involved with San Diego racquetball Association, became board member (treasurer, then president) also was coordinator for A travel league. We had a very large travel league program for San Diego county . Then motherhood became priority and stepped away from racquetball for 12 years. Returned about 15 years ago, and started playing,competing and helping out . Became a racquetball league director for LA Fitness and now run their shootouts in San Diego. Also have been tournament director for San Diego Open, Police and Fire Olympics and currently help run WOR Outdoor Nationals in Huntington Beach and Battle of the Borders.. Had the wonderful opportunity to help out with Wounded Warrior RB program in San Diego , assisting & teaching weekly. Also have a Facebook page (SoCal Racquetball) to promote and get RB info to the players-any and all tourneys in area. I'm fortunate to be sponsored by Gearbox and have a nickname of "Gearbox Team Mom". I love the sport and have a gift for organizing and running events, love bringing the RB community together for events. I recently had both my knees replaced, so am on hiatus from playing RB for awhile.
Racquetball Goals: to see the game and racquetball community grow both indoors and out. To also help players realize how joining the USAR/CNRA helps promote the sport and grow it. We need to have strong juniors programs to continue our sport
Margaret Pederson
Northern VP
Hometown: San Leandro
Family: I'm a triplet, which is interesting to say the least! Since 1986, I have owned and managed my stained glass studio, Sea Of Glass Studios. I custom design stained, beveled, leaded and copper foil panels for architects, designers, and residences.  My true love is historical church restoration and preservation.
Racquetball Background: I started playing racquetball at Wallbangers in the late 70's and took a class at Chabot College from hall-of-famer Keith Calkins. I won my first Women's C Singles, B And A tournaments in succession, and now play Open after several years in Elites. I have had the privilege and honor to have been sponored by HEAD for fourteen years. I was the Club Pro and Junior Racquetball Director at ClubSport Pleasanton for over twelve years. My specialty there was Junior Camps. While in Pleasanton I received my first level and advanced AmPro Certification and was the recipient of the IHRSA Racquetball Programming Award. I have been the Club Pro for the last four years at Renaissance Club Sport in Walnut Creek, where I run seasonal junior camps, junior clinics, adult private lessons, women's clinic, leagues, demo nights and special events. I started helping the state organization in 1992 as an associate member, joined the board in 1998, and am now serving my third term as Northern CA Vice President.
Racquetball Goals: To enhance our communication between the members and the board. To faciitate and improve and grow all of our sanctioned tournaments. The board represents the members and the members need to feel that they are truly an integral part of this state and their interests are being heard.
Jack Hughes
Hometown: Las Vegas
Family: Terry Rogers
Racquetball Background: Cofounder CARA 1984, CSRA and now CNRA, USAR Board of Directors member two terms, 1996-2004. Formerly owned and operated the Racquetball Plus pro shop at Prime Time Athletic Club with Terry Rogers planning and running all racquetball leagues, tournaments and events at the club.
Racquetball Goals: My general goal for the CNRA is to promote and improve racquetball in the states of California and Nevada. My specific goals are to assist our tournament directors in upgrading tournaments and shootouts. I am also the National Program Coordinator of the Military Racquetball Federation (MRF), holding a seat on the board and assisting in the operation of the organization.
Brian Dixon
Junior Liaison,
Hometown: Petaluma
Family: Have lived in Petaluma since 1993. Grew up not too far away in Novato. Carol (also a Racquetball player) and I have lived in our current home since 2000. I have been working as a Mortgage Broker since 1988 and am now doing solely Reverse Mortgages with Seniors Reverse Mortgage of Pleasant Hill. My parents still live in Novato. I am on the Board of Directors of COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) in Petaluma. This is a non-profit organization that helps homeless families and individuals to get back on their feet. I have been on the Board since 2004, as President of the Board 2005-2008. When not on the court or making loans, I like to go out and about with my camera to find that next "great" pic...
Racquetball Background: I have been playing Racquetball since I was 11 (1974) playing in Junior tournaments way back when...Currently I run the Junior Racquetball program at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club which averages between 30-40 students/players. I am an Advanced AMPRO certified instructor (Thanks Dave George!). I will play a tournament here and there, but really love to teach the sport.
Racquetball Goals: I want to see the High School programs in this state established. Also, want to see a regular calendar of Junior only tournaments for both Southern and Northern California. Want to establish a guide for club owners and program Directors for starting and running a junior program.
Ruben Antilla
Family: Married 17years. Wife: Monica Antilla. 3 children: Marissa Antilla 19yrs old; Reyna Antilla 16 yrs old (Racquetball player), Ruben William “Billy” Antilla 12yrs old (Racquetball Player)
Racquetball Background: 26 year player, CNRA board member, active member at Loma Linda Drayson Center and LA fitness in Redlands.
Racquetball Goals:
  1. To grow participation of the sport through targeted youth age segments.
  2. To utilize my recently acquired MBA degree in a capacity that grows the sport, specifically in a marketing and sponsorship capacity.
  3. Make real connections with colligate players and coaches in respect to game improvement, long term play, and USAR participation in tournaments.
  4. To assist and bring in more sanctioned tournaments to the Inlands Empire area.
John Bardos
Collegiates Liaison
Hometown: Monterey
Family:Happy to have my 81 year old Mom living with me - she takes a 2-mile walk every morning ... I'm working to keep up with that pace.
Racquetball Background: I started playing racquetball in 1978, and started taking it seriously in 1984 after taking the racquetball class at UC Santa Cruz. Later in 1984, I was hired by UC Santa Cruz as the teaching assistant for the racquetball classes. Then in 1987, I was hired as a UC Santa Cruz W2 employee of Physical Education, Instructor of Racquetball, to teach the racquetball classes. I started working with the California State Racquetball Association in 2005 to manage and run collegiate tournaments; I joined the CNRA BoD in 2014; I'm a current member of the USAR Intercollegiate Council.
WCRC Collegiate Racquetball Conference ~ Peruse the "Tourneys" link and drop-down list.
Some highlights over the past many years:
San Jose, 2006 ~ Way back when
UC Davis, 2008 ~ Lots of fun
UC Davis, 2009 ~ Special guests: Jose Rojas, Aubrey O'Brien, and Dave Ellis
UC Berkeley, 2013 ~ Always great tourneys at UC Berkeley
UC Santa Cruz, 2015 ~ Sunny Spring at UC Santa Cruz
Club Sport Pleasanton, 2017 ~ Great Juniors & Collegiates "Social"
Racquetball Goals: We Need You! ... We're seeking adults and college students to start a racquetball programs - a "Club Sport" program - at colleges and universities. Come be a part of all those smiling faces!

Read more about what little is involved with getting involved: Collegiate Racquetball Program
Stacey Rabanal
Hometown:I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. Currently, I live in Alhambra located just south of Pasadena for the past 18 years.
Family: I have two sons. My youngest son Bryan plays high school baseball and racquetball. My eldest son Branden played 4 years of high school football. My entire immediate family currently plays sports, including my older brother and both of my retired parents.
Racquetball Background: I first played racquetball when I was 10 years old at Arcadia All Pro. My dad played there during the mid 80's and put me in their Summer Junior Racquetball League. It was my first and last time playing as a junior. Returned home to Santa Barbara and never came across courts. Life progressed. 22 years later, LA Fitness open in Alhambra with 5 courts. I joined the league, played for a few years, and eventually became their League Director. Currently, I'm the League Director at LA Fitness Pasadena. I'm also involved with Junior Racquetball. 2 years ago, I taught my son Bryan how to play. We both play indoor and outdoor tournaments. It's great having my family involved with the sport I love. I'm also a Sponsored Player/Regional Coordinator and Authorized Dealer for Prokennex Racquetball.
Racquetball Goals:
  • Grow and promote racquetball
  • Bring more awareness to the sport and tournaments
  • Focus on increasing collegiate and junior participation and programs
  • Provide an open door policy for members and players to discuss all racquetball related issues. Voice issues and ideas at monthly board meetings.
Jerry Hall
Hometown:Shingle Springs (born in Okinawa)
Family:Married, 5 adult children, 3 grandkids
Racquetball Background: Switched from handball to racquetball as a teen in 1976 in Southern California. Played tournament-level outdoor (3-wall) in the late 70’s and then made the switch to indoor in the early 80’s where I played at Los Caballeros. Played many tournaments until the early 90’s when I took quite a long break from racquetball. Realizing how much I missed the game, I started playing again in 2015 and while age and injuries have caused my game to diminish, I’m enjoying the game immensely! I currently play at In Shape in Shingle Springs.
Racquetball Background: Having the pleasure of getting into the game at the height of its popularity in the 80’s and then the sadness of seeing many of the courts converted into other activities, I’d like to participate in the resurgence that is going on. Thanks to Live Streaming on the Internet, Racquetball is becoming a global spectator sport and that can only help getting more and more people young and old into this great game!
Shaun Haley
Hometown:Cameron Park, CA
Family: Married (Anna), 1 son (Jordan, 13) and I am guardian of my niece (Emily, 12).
Racquetball Background: I first picked up a racquetball racket after a physical therapy appointment from a college football injury in 1987 at the age of 18. After subsequent back surgery and the end of my football playing career, racquetball became my number one sport and I have played ever since, with extended breaks due to ongoing back issues. I have played at all levels and I have been extremely lucky to have played with many of the top players over the years as well as many up and coming players including several from other countries.
Racquetball Goals: As back issues persist and jeopardize my future playing of this great sport, I’d like to play a role in growing as well as promoting racquetball back to where it once was. I’d like to become a certified instructor, a tournament director, and as I am currently a high school teacher, I’d like to create a team for my district and coach them.
Kouren Jouldjiann
Hometown:San Diego, CA for the past 34 years -- Originally born in Venezuela
Family: Siblings and Mother live in So-Cal along with Nieces and Nephews
Racquetball Background: Started playing as High School Sophomore in Fresno, CA. Loved the game from the start and have been playing on and off for the last 37 years. Played many local tournaments in the Fresno area in the early 80’s and played my first “big” tournament at the Pro-Am stop at West Lane in Stockton. The year was 1986 and still to this day I remember watching the Pros for the first time and being mesmerized at the level of play by the greats of our sport. Although my racquetball career expands many decades, with school, work, marriage, and life in general it has been an on – off relationship with the game. I have been fortunate to have more time over the last 10 years and been playing more often. Although not as quick as I used to be, I still play at a high level (for me) and often play 3 to 4 times a week. Look forward to tournament competition as time permits.
Racquetball Goals: I enjoy the game and my goal is to share this sport with others who may not be familiar to it. It is truly a sport. My personal goal is to be an ambassador for the sport and do as much as possible to help it grow. Perhaps someday I can see the sport have the following that it did back when I went to my first Pro-Am in 1986!!!
There is also an “Advisory Board” of members who are working alongside the Board of Directors to help with the CNRA programs. These are not voting positions, but a great way to help out. If you have some ideas for what the CNRA can do to build racquetball, drop Terry a line to discuss the ideas and see if you'd like to participate on the advisory board. Current advisory board members include:
Matt Hills
Family: --
Racquetball Background: --
Racquetball Goals: Help with the CNRA website.